Guadalajara is synonym of celebretion. The city hosts traditional celebrations and great events though out the entire year. The October fest is an example of great importance and fame.
Jalisco is the national leader referring to the importance and diversity of its handcrafts, from ceramics, through furniture knitting and huichol embroidering; all of these proudly from Jalisco.
Guadalajara has been always an important city of Mexico. For some time it was established as the capital of the country; reason why it has lived events that have marked its history.
Personages who have become in Guadalajara's icons, for their contributions to the community, outstanding in their professional fields, very appreciated by the citizens.
Histories that were born in the city and have been spread through time; these are important pieces in the culture of Guadalajara.
The Tequila and Mariachi are Jalisco's beverage and music for excellence, and proudly, they have become the soul of Mexico.