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Historic Downtown and Tapatía Square

Despite of the urban development, the city of Guadalajara has retained its downtown, thanks to its huge pedestrians areas which welcomes you to walk them, contemplating the surroundings and passing the soul of this beautiful city. It allows you to meet the "Tapatíos" that their welcoming and cheerful personality are their best heritage.

It has peculiar legends such as the Eagle of the Degollado Theater which says that the day the eagle releases the chains of its claws and peak, the theater will collapse with the chains.

It hold in its quarry buildings, big works of art which cover the walls of the main buildings, for example the old building of the Hearing now known as the Government Palace.

Besides of this Palace, in Downtown we can find the most representative icon of this City, which is the Cathedral.

  1. City Hall of Guadalajara
  2. Guadajara's Square
  3. Iberoamerican Library
  4. Arms' Square
  5. Government Palace
  6. Museum of Sacred Art
  7. Cathedral
  8. Rotunda of Illustrous Jaliscans
  9. Regional Museum
  10. Liberation Square
  11. Legislative Palace
  12. Justice Palace
  13. St. María de Gracia's Church
  14. Degollado Theater
  15. St. Agustín Church
  16. Founders' Square
  17. Tapatía Square
  18. Coat of Arms
  19. Fountain Sacrifice of Quetzalcoatl
  20. Cabañas Cultural Institute
  21. Liberty Market
  22. St. Juan de Dios's Church
  23. Mariachis' Square