Guadalajara's architecture is unique and emblematic. With an assortment of buildings, unequalled monuments and fountains that stand out for their beauty and style.
In ancient cemeteries, one may appreciate the architecture of its mausoleums, learn about illustrious people that were buried in them, as well as the legends that some of them have inspired.
To enrich our culture, these spaces are dedicated to provided different opportunities for artistic expression and education.
The heat of ou city, it has some of the original structure of its foundation, as well as a wealth of historical attractions, culturals and political, linked to the history of the city.
Known as a city of artisans, Tonalá´s main attraction is the variety of workshops devoted to the creation and retail of magnificent handcrafts.
Markets and flea markets markets are not established in pre-hispanic tradition) one can find a great diversity of articles and enjoy delicious Mexican food such as tortas ahogadas, pozole, etc.
In Mexico the modern mural painting has been elaborated with the purpose of a bridge between the artist and the people: showing the issues of life on the time.
The museums and galleries of Guadalajara are and extension of its cultural infrastructure, many of them stand out for its architectural and historical transcendence.
A great addition to the attractions of Guadalajara; they are places to enjoy the nature, to do recreational activities with the family, learning to respect the nature and the environment.
Discover where to go nearby Guadalajara; from a night in a cabin, camping on a lake or even stay in a Magical Town.
Enjoy an afternoon visiting Tlaquepaque´s array of galleries, its churches, the Regional Museum of Pottery, taste an artisanal Ice cream; or even delight oneself with a Mexican evening at the Parián.
All the attractions within and outside the city, that makes Guadalajara a unique city for its cultural and historical heritage, not prevent it from being an avant-garde metropolis.
Zapopan´s downtown has an assortment of markets, restaurants, beutiful churches and museums; its main allure is the Basilica of the Virgin of Zapopan and the pedestrian street "20 de Noviembre".
We have one of the largest zoos in Latin America. In the zoo of Guadalajara, you will be able to see species from around the world, both land and sea.